Sunday, November 9, 2014

Affordable Androgyny

All these fancy designers that make custom clothes are wonderful and much needed, but there is one problem with buying niche clothing: MONEY. Being a junior in college, money is something I don't have a lot of. I rarely have money to buy groceries, much less $200 dress shirts. I pulled a Macklemore this week and went thrift shopping.

The goal: Find an outfit for under $20.

With the help of @pregohenry and the local Goodwill Store in Waverley, Iowa I was on the mission to find the perfect outfit for a more than perfect price. Thrift shops and second hand clothing stores are filled with tons of clothing styles and adventure.

Tip: Give yourself time! The key to finding that perfect shirt or pair of pants that fits is to look through nearly everything and try it all on! Unlike stores that carry particular lines and brands of clothing, thrift shops sizes are often inconsistent. My biggest struggle was finding a pair of pants. They sizes were vastly inconsistent, so don't be afraid to grab a few that may appear to be too big or small.

The Search
I started my search in the men's shirts section of the store. I grabbed anything that remotely caught my attention for more than a few seconds (it never hurts just to try it on). I grabbed several button-down dress shirts and a sweater vest. I looked at the men's jeans and slacks, but knew that my curvy hips weren't going to pair well with the shape and style of the pants I was seeing.

I moved on over to the women's pants section to look for the most neutral looking pair of pants. Specifically, I was looking for black and tan colored pants with no extra flare or design. I found several pairs of black jeans and two of tan ones. I stopped by the men's accessory rack, but only saw ties that resembled my grandfather's tie collection.

There were a LOT of duds. Many of the shirts I tried on were too big or small or had an awkward fit.

Tip: Do not get discouraged, you may not find that perfect item right away or every trip! I sometimes walk out of the store with nothing and sometimes I am able to purchase a large bag full. Remember that perfect finds are not guaranteed, but well worth the search.

The Results 

The turquoise button up, black jeans, and white undershirt were all purchased at goodwill. The bow tie was purchased at rue21! This outfit can be casually dressed down or more formal with the addition of the white bow tie. I found that buying the women's jeans a size bigger gave them a more masculine look by bagging a bit in the rear end and thighs. 

Turquoise Button-down: $3.95
Black Jeans: $3.95
White Shirt: $1.95
Bow Tie: $4.99
Total: $14.84

Overall, it was a successful shopping trip. I got an outfit I can wear out on the weekends or even on date night. 

Grab a friend and hit your local thrift store for some affordable androgyny! 

Bonus Buy: 

I couldn't resist buying these 1980 inspired windbreaker pants.
Send me your fashion questions and problems below or tweet me @askatomboy!


  1. Hahaha your windbreaker pants just made my day. You are fun:)

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