Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Strip Down: Underwear For Tomboys

Let's talk about my favorite item of clothing, underwear. Underwear is very influential in self-confidence and is also worn as a fashion statement. We spend hundreds of dollars a year on something that only a few people will ever see. Why? Because underwear has the power to make us feel things. It can make us feel sexy, cute, spunky, naughty, masculine, feminine, risqué and/or attractive.

Being fluid in my gender presentation, underwear has always been a big deal for me. I remember hating how out of place I felt in girly underwear! Nothing was worse than when my friends convinced me to buy my first thong, it was so uncomfortable and made me feel ashamed of my body. I didn't feel sexy or even remotely attractive. It all changed when I bought my first pair of boxers (see me in my underwear at the end of the article), I finally felt confident. There's only one problem,  I have struggled to find masculine underwear to fit my curvy hips and bountiful booty. Luckily, more and more brands are coming out with gender neutral/ gender fluid underwear. This post is going to mainly look at masculine style boxers for female bodies as well as other queer underwear companies.

Play Out-
Finally! A gender neutral underwear company. Whether you identify as male or female, Play Out designs all of their underwear to appeal to all gender identities. Their underwear averages at a price of about $24.00 and they offer international shipping to countries outside of the United States.

They carry two main styles of underwear:
1. The Boxer Brief cut is slightly shorter and has a flat stitched front; in fashion, this cut pattern is most often designed for women or female bodies.
2. The Trunks are slightly longer than the boxer briefs, and offer a fabric pocket in the front. This design is most often marketed towards men or male bodies.

Note: Either design can be worn by anyone, but has special features to fit different body styles. 

Boxer Brief Cut

Featured in my article 5 Accessories Every Tomboy Needs, this British based underwear company was founded for queer women who struggle to find underwear that fits their style preferences. They offer a wide selection of fun prints with the average pair of underwear ranging in cost from $18.00-$28.00 and offer world-wide shipping. A special note to women of all sizes, they carry up to size 4X (size 22) in most of their styles!

One of my followers on Tumblr had this to say about FOCX:
"I’ve replaced all my underwear with FOCX. The quality is fucking amazing, and I mean, they are made for gay ladies as a segment, so the fit, the look, the feel, it’s all there!" -Homolesbians

Purple Yellow Contrast Boi Shorts made from a high-tec
breathable material. 

Let's Be Brief is a lesbian-owned company focused on comfort, quality, fit and style. LBB aims to sell gender neutral boxer briefs and briefs that embody a masculine look, paired with innovative style, to flatter sizes XS to XXL. They donate a percentage of sales is donated to support LGBTQ organizations each year. Prices range from $10.00-$25.00.

TomboyX, in addition to their tomboy clothing, also offers a super soft women's boxer. The boxers were fit tested on tomboys of every shape and size, all the way up to 4XL. The TomboyX branded waistband is silky soft and designed to gently hug you front to back, without gaping. . The price for a single pair averages at about $25.00, but there are different bundle deals that lower the cost per pair if you are interested in buying more than one pair. 

Underwear Tips:
-The tightness of your underwear should correspond to tightness of your pants. This keeps your underwear from creating awkward bulges in your pants. It also will be a lot more comfortable for you. 

-Try out different styles. I personally love boxer briefs that don't contain a front opening or pouch, they typically doesn't bunch up as much. I get most of my underwear at American Eagle or Aeropostale. I have also heard really good things from other queer women about American Apparel's underwear selection and fit.

-Invest! A good pair of underwear will last you longer than cheaper fabrics. It's smart to invest in underwear that will fit your body type properly. Underwear is something you will always need, so get some you love!

-Ask your friends about the underwear they like/dislike. Most of my underwear purchases were influenced by my other queer friends. They know what fits and what is not worth your money or time.

-Be comfortable! I preach this every post. What you wear should make you feel your best. No matter what kind of underwear you chose to wear, make sure that it makes you feel good about yourself. 

Check out me in my favorite underwear! 
Aeropostale Boxer Briefs
Champion Compression Short Boxers from Target

Also: Check out this super helpful underwear guide for queer women from AutoStraddle: Your Queer Underwear Guide.

Did I miss any of your favorite places to get underwear? Comment below or tweet me @askatomboy!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Affordable Androgyny

All these fancy designers that make custom clothes are wonderful and much needed, but there is one problem with buying niche clothing: MONEY. Being a junior in college, money is something I don't have a lot of. I rarely have money to buy groceries, much less $200 dress shirts. I pulled a Macklemore this week and went thrift shopping.

The goal: Find an outfit for under $20.

With the help of @pregohenry and the local Goodwill Store in Waverley, Iowa I was on the mission to find the perfect outfit for a more than perfect price. Thrift shops and second hand clothing stores are filled with tons of clothing styles and adventure.

Tip: Give yourself time! The key to finding that perfect shirt or pair of pants that fits is to look through nearly everything and try it all on! Unlike stores that carry particular lines and brands of clothing, thrift shops sizes are often inconsistent. My biggest struggle was finding a pair of pants. They sizes were vastly inconsistent, so don't be afraid to grab a few that may appear to be too big or small.

The Search
I started my search in the men's shirts section of the store. I grabbed anything that remotely caught my attention for more than a few seconds (it never hurts just to try it on). I grabbed several button-down dress shirts and a sweater vest. I looked at the men's jeans and slacks, but knew that my curvy hips weren't going to pair well with the shape and style of the pants I was seeing.

I moved on over to the women's pants section to look for the most neutral looking pair of pants. Specifically, I was looking for black and tan colored pants with no extra flare or design. I found several pairs of black jeans and two of tan ones. I stopped by the men's accessory rack, but only saw ties that resembled my grandfather's tie collection.

There were a LOT of duds. Many of the shirts I tried on were too big or small or had an awkward fit.

Tip: Do not get discouraged, you may not find that perfect item right away or every trip! I sometimes walk out of the store with nothing and sometimes I am able to purchase a large bag full. Remember that perfect finds are not guaranteed, but well worth the search.

The Results 

The turquoise button up, black jeans, and white undershirt were all purchased at goodwill. The bow tie was purchased at rue21! This outfit can be casually dressed down or more formal with the addition of the white bow tie. I found that buying the women's jeans a size bigger gave them a more masculine look by bagging a bit in the rear end and thighs. 

Turquoise Button-down: $3.95
Black Jeans: $3.95
White Shirt: $1.95
Bow Tie: $4.99
Total: $14.84

Overall, it was a successful shopping trip. I got an outfit I can wear out on the weekends or even on date night. 

Grab a friend and hit your local thrift store for some affordable androgyny! 

Bonus Buy: 

I couldn't resist buying these 1980 inspired windbreaker pants.
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Bountiful Beauty

Dear Tomboy,
I love men's style clothing, but I have one problem: my chest. As a larger chested female I find it impossible to find clothing that I can wear that doesn't either draw attention to my chest or look like a tent draped on my body.
Send help,
Bountiful Boobies

Dear Bountiful,
First thing's first, you are not alone! There are thousands of women who share in this same problem. If curvy hips and thighs weren't enough, you also got stuck with a chest that limits your freedom to dress in whatever you please. There are a few suggestions I have to help overcome the obstacle and get you headed towards a comfortable and confident dressing style. 

Balance Fitted & Loose
Too many fitted items draw attention to your chest area, and too loose gives you that "tent" look. A balance between the two creates a flattering fit that doesn't draw attention to the wrong areas. My suggestion for something fitted would be a women's plain t-shirt or tank top. Make sure the neck line doesn't cut too low, or the attention will be directed towards that area specifically. I love pairing a simple black (the most slimming color) v-neck under a men's flannel. Feel free to add a jacket or cardigan for another loose layer. 

Beware of Buttons! 
Button placement is everything when searching for the right shirt or jacket to fit your chest area. This is the tricky part because many men's dress shirts and jackets have button placement right in the middle of your ladies. This causes the dreaded button gap and draws attention back to the chest. My suggestion is to start off with a base layer of a camisole or tank top and then find a women's button down shirt that is made for bustier women or a men's shirt that you can leave partially unbuttoned. To give this look a more tomboy feel, try adding a men's cardigan with multiple buttons. Avoid getting one button tops as they often button right below the bust and fit awkwardly. Again try to balance loose and fitted items for the best results. 

Accessorize With Masculinity 
When clothing is impossible to find, accessories will always be there for you. I suggest taking a gender neutral outfit, such as loose jeans, khakis, or a crew neck and adding a load of men's accessories to your outfit. Men's scarfs would be great at covering the bust. Add watches, hats, ties, oxfords, glasses, or anything else you can find.  This isn't always the most ideal option, but it can bring that masculine flare to an outfit without drowning out the rest of your features. 

When all else fails, there are a handful of companies that custom make men's clothing for womanly bodies. Their items typically cost a pretty penny, but are a great investment. See my previous post on the 10 Tomboy Clothing Companies You Didn't Know Existed for a list of companies that specialize in this kind of custom wear. 

May the clothes be ever in your favor!


Check out how the always lovely @catherineEorr (editor/38DDD) "Balances a Fitted and Loose" style with confidence!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

10 Tomboy Clothing Companies You Didn't Know Existed

"Unfeminine clothing is hard to find, I'm here to help." That's been my motto since I began this blog. I wanted to put together a list of some of the coolest places to find masculine styles for women's bodies. Feel free to comment any brands you want added to the list! I ranked each brand with an average price out of 5 dollar signs to help those with restricted budgets. The more dollar signs you see, the higher average price of the items that particular company sells. Please comment any of your favorite brands I missed!

Butch Basix- Based out of Emeryville, California, Butch Basix is queer owned and operated. They offer all types of extra style and every day items you didn't know you needed. Some products offered include: ties, rings, bottle openers, skin care products, and pet accessories. My favorite thing is that they sell matching bow ties for you and your dog.
Price: $$

CharlieBoy- This Australia based company is redefining the way people see gender in clothing. The clothes designed by CharlieBoy are made in limited quantity making each product very unique. Their website quotes "CharlieBoy is about freedom to express yourself through the way you dress and leave behind the rule-bound world of gender codes." They offer mostly shirts, both short and long-sleeved.
Price: $$$$

Hautebutch- A company founded by a butch woman that focuses on serving the butch community. Hautebutch provides cutting-edge androgynous looks and sizzling style that empower women that prefer a fitted, menswear inspired look. They currently have a kick-starter campaign to design their next line of fashion. Of all the queer fashion companies out in the market today, HauteButch offers the largest variety of products. 
Price: $$

The Rebel Jacket- Navy

Kipper Clothiers- Based out of San Francisco, Kipper Clothiers is committed to the production of high-quality, well-fitting custom suits and shirts with a masculine silhouette. They mostly serve the Bay area, but offer some products and accessories online. They go through an extensive process to make sure you get the suit that best suits your body type and personal preferences. 
Price: $$$$

njulezz- This company, based in Germany, specializes in making clothes fit for queer women. All of their garments are hand finished to ensure a perfect fit.  Self-described as "fashion without strings," you are bound to love the clothes njulezz offers. They now have world-wide shipping and a great selection of tops, bottoms, and accessories. 

Original Tomboy- Original Tomboy is the vision and creation of designer Alicia Hardesty (Project Runway season 10), who draws on her Kentucky roots to design unisex clothing. The selection is limited within a few collections, but the items are very unique. The style of clothing Alicia designs reminds me of modern day hippies crossed with a southern twang that is very gender neutral. 
Price: $$$


Scout's Honor- Described as "clothing for the modern tomboy," this San Fransico company aims to help individuals express themselves through the clothing they wear. The online selection is currently limited to a few shirts and a tomboy scarf, but more items are expected soon. The shirts are made for a womanly figure without darts in the chest to make a flatter look. 
Price: $$$

TomboyX- TomboyX is a lifestyle brand that creates, curates and cultivates clothing and accessories for the tomboy with a mature, classic style. The company was founded after a friend of the owner had trouble finding a dress shirt to wear to a wedding. Their mission is to tap into the generally ignored market of tomboy and queer women shoppers who are looking for classy clothes. TomboyX offers a wide variety of shirts, sweaters, accessories, and more! They even offer plus sizes in a wide variety of products. 
Price: $$$

VEER NYC- By androgynous women for androgynous women, VEER NYC is an online retailer that curates gender-neutral clothing collections. Their clothes tend to have a more urban design to them. The style is more chic than some other androgynous clothing retailers mentioned in this post.
Price: $$$$


Did I miss one of your favorite brands? Comment them below or tweet me @askatomboy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Four Fall Fashions

The leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping. It can only mean one thing, fall is here! It is my favorite season of the year for activities and fashion. There are so many cute style options for this time of year and I am here to point out my favorites. 

4. The Friday Night Party Goer 
When I think of an outfit to wear hitting the bars or a friend's house party, I think preppy. Not your typical frat bro preppy, but a clean slick look. My personal favorite is wearing a pair of dark washed jeans and a nice button down shirt. I often find that men's dress shirts fit my chest weird and make the shirt bunch up in an unflattering way. There is a queer clothing site called Androgyny that makes the perfect casual dress shirts. They are described as a revolutionary brand designing clothing for androgynous women and trans* identified individuals, who have fit and style preferences that are rarely met by mainstream brands.
Brilliant Lavender Oxford Button-down 

The key to their signature shirt is that it has (1) a “boob” button to minimize gaping, (2) no darts, (3) a full cut to accommodate, but not accentuate, curves.

Limited Edition: Anchors Away

3. The Night-In With Friends
On those nights you just want to curl up and binge watch an entire series on Netflix, you want to be comfortable. Comfortability doesn't have to mean throwing all fashion knowledge out the window. I love shopping at PacSun for more casual fashions. My new favorite trend is a type of sweat pant called a jogger. Joggers typically have a large elastic band around the ankle and sag a bit in the waist area.  What is a pair of comfy sweats without a crew neck?! The crew-neck or as I like to call it, the noodie (no hood hoodie) has made a comeback, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I love the older vintage looking sports team ones, but any will do. Make sure you add your favorite beanie to complete this night-in look!

Been Trill Joggers: $59.95
Riot Society: $44.95

2. The Saturday Morning Coffee Run 
In the past couple of decades, there has been a style movement called "grunge" that has faded in and out. I am not referring to wearing an old trash bag or the nastiest worn jeans you own. I am talking about the style that came out of the change in rock music movement. The grunge style often consists of many unconnected layers of typically cheap clothing such as thrifted items. It's kind of like throwing on your old favorite pair of jeans and tee shirt, but then adding a vest, flannel and old boots. Grunge lets you be unique, without forcing you to buy an entire new outfit. I typically wear an old pair of black jeans with an vintage shirt. I, then tie a flannel around my waist and throw on a bulky pair of boots. This article gives you step by step instructions on how to dress grunge.

Both of these photos are from Outfit Trends

1. The Fall Into Flannel
When I think fall, I think flannel. Flannel can be worn to class, work, parties, tailgates, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, lunch with friends, and everywhere else. They can be worn buttoned up, around the waist, unbuttoned, and under a sweater. Wow! There are just so many choices when it comes to flannels. I would mention a specific retailer that sells them, but honestly you can purchase them just about anywhere. One will never be enough, so stock up on as many as you can!
Photo by Albania
What is your favorite fall style? Comment below and share this post! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Coming Out

In honor of National Coming Out Day, I would like to share with you my coming out story.

Growing up, I was different from most girls. I spent my days rolling around in the dirt with my brothers. I would much rather have had little boys' pants, and asked for skateboards and toy guns for my birthdays. I had friends who were girls, but never really could connect with them in similar interests. I found myself being the target of slumber party makeovers. As I grew older, I felt as if I needed to conform to those girls to fit in.

I grew up in a very small town in Minnesota. The population was 175 and there were 3 churches surrounding my house. My family actively attended a small Reformed Church with fewer than 100 members. Religion was the foundation of our family and the community I grew up in. Unfortunately, this religion wasn't the open-minded kind. I found myself being preached at about the sins of this world, including homosexuality. I can remember my mother saying that she would be heart-broken and sickened if any of us kids were gay.

Fast-forward to puberty. I started questioning my relationship with a really close best friend of mine. I felt like I liked her as more than a friend and I knew it was wrong. I tried praying every night that it would go away and I could just be happy. All I wanted was to be happy and to make my family happy. I was at war with myself, I wanted to be normal. I remember laying in bed crying and asking God to take away the feelings.

Then, I realized I wasn't going to change. This was who I was and the key to happiness was to embrace this version of myself. I came out to one of my closest friends when I was 13. It felt like an absolute relief. I knew that I had to keep this a secret from my family though. I came out to maybe another 4 or 5 people in the next couple years after that. There was a out lesbian girl in my grade in high school and she was always harassed and bullied. Out of fear, I stayed in the closet until after graduation.

The summer after graduation was liberating for me. I knew that I was going to college in a different state in a matter of months. I decided to come out to my close group of friends one summer night. They reacted much better than I thought and that gave me the confidence to tell some of my other classmates. I was still was too scared to tell any family though. The weeks leading up to college were a battle within myself, I wanted to tell them, but I didn't want to lose their financial and emotional support during this huge transition.

When I got to college, I joined the GSA group on campus and started hearing all these powerful coming out stories. I met people who were in my exact same situation. This led to my coming out to my mom and dad on Thanksgiving evening. They were not surprised or disappointed and were actually thankful that I finally told them. Last year around this time was when I finally had to courage to tell the world a secret that I had been carrying around for nearly 10 years. I received nothing but support from everyone. There were a few church members who expressed concerns, but overall I felt welcomed. I felt like myself.

I want to tell you that you are not alone. There are tons of people who have been in your situation and overcame the obstacles to get to where they are now. I have never been happier in my entire life. I finally feel like I am myself and I have nothing to hide. Since coming out, my style has started to change as I became more comfortable with myself. I am not afraid to be myself. I love who I am and that is never going to change.

Lady Gaga once said "Be yourself, love who you are, because baby, you were born this way!"

Thursday, October 2, 2014

5 Accessories Every Tomboy Needs

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but accessories are a tomboy's best friend. They are an excellent way to jazz up any outfit and often boost your confidence. This is a list of the five must-have add-ons to any outfit.

5. Watches- Not only are these things handy for time-telling, they can also add that extra flare to your style. Watches for the sake of fashion are making a comeback, and lots of cute styles are coming out. Not everyone can afford a Fossil watch, so keep you eyes out for sale and clearance accessories at your favorite stores.

This super cute men's watch is from rue21 and is only $14.99!

4. Bow Ties- Today, I bought my very first bow tie and it was so exhilarating. I can't wait for my first opportunity to show it off! These little wonders can turn any casual outfit into something much more classy. Add a solid colored bow tie to a patterned shirt or vice versa and you're ready for a Saturday night out on the town.  

Photo by Quincy

3. Boxers- So these might not be the accessory that everyone sees, but they can give you the confidence boost you need and make you feel sexy! I personally like boxer-briefs because they fit better with the kind of pants I usually wear. I recently came across a British based web store called Focx that sells boxers made by women, for women. They have world-wide shipping and reasonable prices. Plus their models are very easy on the eyes! If you want cheaper boxers, mall stores like Aeropostale usually run awesome deals on their men's boxers every so often.  I have also found that compression shorts found at stores like Target feel amazing and work well with athletic shorts and tighter pants! 

Focx Underwear

2. Snapbacks- I know some people may feel as if this feeds into some queer stereotype, but I believe snapbacks are such an essential add-on. For those of you that aren't familiar with the term snapback, it's slang for an adjustable flat brim baseball hat.These hats are great for a summer barbecue or a fall college football tailgate. You can find snapbacks at almost any mall store and most department stores. One of my favorite places to shop for new hats is the skate shop store Tilly's. They carry a wide selection of brands and styles. 

Photo by Christie

1. Shoes- Let's be honest, shoes are the greatest accessory to any outfit. With thousands of styles, there is always a pair that fits perfectly with every outfit. Shoes don't have to break your bank either, look for BOGO sales at local department stores. One of my favorite brands for casual footwear is Vans. I find that their shoes hold up to the daily wear and tear that most shoes can't. 

A rainbow of classic vans

Unfeminine styles are hard to find, I'm here to help. 

Comment with your favorite brands of accessories! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Suit Up! Do's and Dont's for Professionalism

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.”               -Anne Sweeney (President of Walt Disney)

If there's one hard thing about having a female body, but dressing more masculine, it's finding the right clothes to look professional. As a business student, I find it hard to dress the way I want to dress and be taken seriously by potential employers. As much as I wish I could just go out and buy baggy men's slacks and a goofy tie, I know that the first impression is a major key to success in the 'real world'. In this post, I will give you some tips to help you feel confident in your style while still impressing your potential future boss.

There are several things to avoid when trying to dress professional:

  1. Avoid wearing ill fitting clothing for your body type. Most women typically have the problem of wearing too tight of clothing to interviews and work. This is the complete opposite of what I seen in the lesbian and androgynous community.  If you are like me, you probably love loose pants and loose shirts to hide those feminine curves. Loose is okay, but when loose becomes baggy it begins to look unprofessional and sloppy. I know that when buying men's trousers, you typically have to go up a size or so to compensate for bigger hips and a little more junk in the trunk. I would suggest finding a pair of women's slacks or dress pants that hug you just right without being too tight. Some good places to look are stores like JCPenny or Kohls if you are on a budget. It's okay to wear a men's dress shirt as long as it doesn't look like a tent draping over your body. 
  2. Don't get discouraged. Unfortunately, your style may not be everyone's cup of tea. Even with all the social progress in the past couple of years, there is always going to be some people that don't understand why you dress the way you do. Don't let those people get the best of you! Prepare yourself for rejection, but also prepare to explain why you stand out from everyone else. Explain why you dress the way you do or share an experience where it helped you achieve a goal. If you can prove you have the skills necessary to get the job done, you should have no problems getting the job. 

Enough of the discouraging dont's. Let's look at some things you can do to help you look professional.

  1. Invest! I know you might not have $800 to drop on a brand new suit overnight, but at some point soon, you should try to save up to get one custom fit to your body. There are several brands that were creating specifically for people like us. My personal favorite is Saint Harridan. This company was founded in 2008 by Mary Going when she couldn't find the perfect suit to get married in. The typical suit will cost your roughly $700-$1000, but that's a small price to pay to land a high earning career at your favorite firm. Now, you can custom order an entire suit online that is designed with androgynous females in mind.  
  2. Clean up. No, I am not referring to a massive cleaning of your living space. I am talking about looking your absolute best. If you have short hair, go get it cut a day or two before your big interview or meeting, it will keep you looking fresh! Even with longer hair, a trim or professional style will go a long way. I just went and got a hair cut today in anticipation of our school's career fair coming up in a few days.  You'll want to remove any distracting piercings for the day to make the best impression. 
  3. Accessorize. Sometimes its the little things that count most. Adding a bow tie or a little make-up can make you stand out to your employer. If you have certain features you love most about your body, accentuate them! Make-up isn't just a girly girl thing, it can help conceal blemishes and bring out certain facial features. 
  4. Be yourself. This is probably the most important one on the list. Above anything, be you. If you're not comfortable, you won't bring your best skills to the table. It's important to always be yourself and never compromise to anyone else's view of you. 
Best of luck on your next professional adventure! 

Pictures courtesy of

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gender Fluidity

"Look! There's a boy in the girl's bathroom!" 

This phase has stuck with me since 2nd grade. I was using the restroom at the local race track when a little girl was alarmed by my short bowl cut and bib overalls. I ran out of that rest room at fast as I could and went crying to my mother. At 8 years old, I didn't fully understand gender identity. I did know that I loved wearing loose jeans and tee shirts. I despised having my hair brushed and begged my parents to let me get all my hair cut off. After that bathroom incident, I grew my hair out and vowed never to be mistaken for a boy again.

Well here I am now, 20 years old now back to where I was twelve years ago. As an out lesbian, I have experienced much adversity getting to where I am today. I currently have a short pixie haircut, often covered by snap-backs and beanies. I love the style of men's clothes, and eighty percent of my wardrobe is exactly that. I have struggled for years finding the style that I feel most comfortable in. I have felt pressure from society to look and act like a 'lady', but never found happiness in myself when I did. I can proudly say now that the way I dress reflects who I am as a person. I want to share my experiences, opinions, and style with you, the reader!

This blog's purpose is to essentially to discuss the fluidity of gender in the fashion world in terms of style and self identity. It doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, skinny or curvy, you deserve to be comfortable in the way you dress and present. As a Marketing major with a handful of years of retail sales and management experience, I believe I can offer insight on how to become the most happy with your style. It was when I wad a team lead at Aeropostale that I really harnessed my own style. I will be giving some advice on how to find clothes to best fit your body and style, as well as how to look professional without having to conform back to feminine clothing.  I want this to be a discussion, so I would love your feedback via comment, email, or twitter (@askatomboy)!

Unfeminine styles are hard to find, I'm here to help!