Thursday, October 2, 2014

5 Accessories Every Tomboy Needs

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but accessories are a tomboy's best friend. They are an excellent way to jazz up any outfit and often boost your confidence. This is a list of the five must-have add-ons to any outfit.

5. Watches- Not only are these things handy for time-telling, they can also add that extra flare to your style. Watches for the sake of fashion are making a comeback, and lots of cute styles are coming out. Not everyone can afford a Fossil watch, so keep you eyes out for sale and clearance accessories at your favorite stores.

This super cute men's watch is from rue21 and is only $14.99!

4. Bow Ties- Today, I bought my very first bow tie and it was so exhilarating. I can't wait for my first opportunity to show it off! These little wonders can turn any casual outfit into something much more classy. Add a solid colored bow tie to a patterned shirt or vice versa and you're ready for a Saturday night out on the town.  

Photo by Quincy

3. Boxers- So these might not be the accessory that everyone sees, but they can give you the confidence boost you need and make you feel sexy! I personally like boxer-briefs because they fit better with the kind of pants I usually wear. I recently came across a British based web store called Focx that sells boxers made by women, for women. They have world-wide shipping and reasonable prices. Plus their models are very easy on the eyes! If you want cheaper boxers, mall stores like Aeropostale usually run awesome deals on their men's boxers every so often.  I have also found that compression shorts found at stores like Target feel amazing and work well with athletic shorts and tighter pants! 

Focx Underwear

2. Snapbacks- I know some people may feel as if this feeds into some queer stereotype, but I believe snapbacks are such an essential add-on. For those of you that aren't familiar with the term snapback, it's slang for an adjustable flat brim baseball hat.These hats are great for a summer barbecue or a fall college football tailgate. You can find snapbacks at almost any mall store and most department stores. One of my favorite places to shop for new hats is the skate shop store Tilly's. They carry a wide selection of brands and styles. 

Photo by Christie

1. Shoes- Let's be honest, shoes are the greatest accessory to any outfit. With thousands of styles, there is always a pair that fits perfectly with every outfit. Shoes don't have to break your bank either, look for BOGO sales at local department stores. One of my favorite brands for casual footwear is Vans. I find that their shoes hold up to the daily wear and tear that most shoes can't. 

A rainbow of classic vans

Unfeminine styles are hard to find, I'm here to help. 

Comment with your favorite brands of accessories! 

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  1. My brother started wearing bow ties a couple years ago. I agree they are a great accessory and add character to whomever wears them.